Craft Beer And Mountain Biking – A Great Combination

One thing I have come to realise is that my two hobbies being craft beer and mountain biking go hand in hand. Is it a coincidence that some of my favorite mountain biking destinations also have my favorite breweries? When I go for a MTB weekend away I put huge weighting on a destination that also has a craft brewery. The exception is my local haunt Lysterfield which gets a run twice a week but no brewery in sight(yet). More accurately it’s holiday destinations that I apply this weighting to and in Victoria we have so many great examples.  I thought I would list out the ones I have been to and add others I plan to visit for others who enjoy craft beer and mountain biking activities.

Tried And Tested

Beechworth VIC

Bridge Road Brewers would have to be my favourite brewery for product variety and quality beer. A good little setup and a beer to suit everyone.
My go to is the Bling Bling or Fat Man Red Suit Big Sack.

The Beechworth MTB park has a good loop of around 10km and is one of my favourites. It is quite technical and can bite hard if you get it wrong. The areas around Beechworth also have several other trails suitable for MTB.

Bright VIC

Bright Brewery has the best location of any that I have visited. It combines all my favourite things, mountain biking, craft beer, live music and water! Located right on the ovens river it makes for a great destination. My go to brews are the MIA IPA and Stubborn Russian.

There is plenty of MTB action in and around Bright with trails along the rivers as well as the Mystic MTB Park.

Forrest VIC

Forrest Brewery is perfectly positioned between the two main MTB circuits in Forrest. Ride one circuit then stop in for a lunch and brew on your way to the second. One of my favourite places to ride with a diverse range of tracks and awesome scenery. The Otway Odyssey 100km MTB race in February is also the one event I pencil in every year.

Red Hill VIC

Red Hill Brewery is a stones throw from the predominantly down hill oriented MTB tracks. Prepare for plenty of climbing, descending and ocean views.  As a massive hop head I love the fact these guys grow their own hops on site.

Warrnambool VIC

The Flying Horse Brewery is located in the seaside town of windy Warrnambool. I wasn’t sure this should be added as they no longer brew their beer on site. It’s more of a bistro than a brewery and the beer range is pretty basic. The local MTB tracks are at thunder point where you can string together a 5km loop. Quite short admittedly but a tight twisty and technical sandy loam track right on the ocean. Definitely worth a look if you are in the area.

There are a few good places to track down a craft beer in Warrnambool also. My favourites are the Olde Maritime Inn and the Hotel Warrnambool.

Mount Beauty VIC

Sweetwater Brewing is located in Mt Beauty where you can also find the Big Hill MTB park. A nice little town that I try and tie in with a MTB trip to Beechworth and Bright as they are all within close proximity.


Yackandandah VIC

A short 20 min drive or a 45 minute ride from Beechworth will see you at some of the best MTB trails I have found in VIC.

Warby Ranges VIC

Black Dog Brewery – Coming Soon



On The To Do List

Echuca VIC

Ballarat VIC


Honourable Mentions

Buxton VIC

While not specifically a mountain biking destination I often stop by Watts River Brewing in Healesville on my way from Melbourne to the Buxton MTB trails. The Buxton trails rate in my top three in Victoria and at the car park there is a great spot by the river to kick back at the end of a ride, wash the dust off in the river and enjoy a craft beer.

My go to Watts River brew is the IPA. They always have at least one Brett brew on offer which seems popular.


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Forrest Odyssey 100

Forrest Otway Odyssey 100km race 2018