Our Beer

Project Brewing will feature an ever changing range of craft beer. We love our hop forward beers however that won’t stop up punching out lagers, sours, stouts and any other style we feel like at the time!

Our initial beer range consists of:

  • Pale Ale 4.7%ABV – Now also available in takeaway 6 packs!

  • Vienna Lager 4.5%ABV – Now also available in takeaway 6 packs!

  • IPA 6.3%ABV

  • XPA 5.4%ABV

Our current keg only small batch beer range consists of:

  • Raspberry Sour 3.6%ABV
  • Porter 4.5%ABV
  • Milk Stout 6.8% ABV
  • Hefeweizen 4.7% ABV

      Descriptions to be added shortly! Come to the brewery to sample them all!

      Upcoming brews:

      • More Sour’s
      • Double IPA
      • NEIPA
      • Mid strength

      A large variety of our brews will be available to sample in our taproom with local sales to bars and restaurants to follow shortly. If you would like to stock our products please shoot us an email.

      Guest Beers

      We will always have an ever changing range of beers from our favorite breweries on tap. Currently on tap:

      • Watts River Brewing – Sour
      • Bridge Road Brewers – B2 Bomber
      • Killer Sprocket – Berlinerweiss
      • Kaiju – Sour NEIPA

      We also stock a variety of canned/bottled beer from other breweries in our R&D fridge for consumption on site only.

      Not Beer

      To cater for all, we also stock the full range of gin from Tiny Bear Distillery, basic spirits, Golden Axe apple cider as well as a good variety of wine.