Brewery Commissioning – Test Batch #1 – Pale Ale

Brewery commissioning and recipe testing – Australia Day 2018

Time to test the new 2HL brewery with some grain! After 12 months of brewery design and build came the fun part on Australia Day 2018. The first brewery commissioning day went really well. The whole process was tested and performed as intended hitting most of our targets. Lots of data capturing and measuring was carried out through the day to be analysed. Minor automation adjustments will be made prior to the next brew day.

The Recipe

Having tasted a lot of raw ingredients, the base recipe was devised using some of my favourite malt and hops. The plan is to tweak this same recipe from batch to batch and use it as the basis for a pale ale recipe when eventually gypsy brewing.

Bairds Pale 80%
Wey Munich II 15%
Simpsons Golden Naked Oats 5%

Fermenter 1
Cascade 15 IBU @20
Galaxy 15 IBU @20

Fermenter 2
Cascade 15 IBU @20
Amarillo 15 IBU @20

OG 1.050
FG 1.010
US05 dry yeast
Mashed @ 66deg for 60 minutes
Mash out @ 78deg Fly sparged


Stats From The Day

Heated 330L overnight using one of the 2200W elements. This took 8hrs to heat from 30degC to 70degC. Final heating to 80degC done in the morning using 4kW.
Mashed in and tried underletting. This didn’t work the best as I still got dough balls. I suspect this was because I didn’t spread the oats through the mash.
Tested a new wort return plate which worked really well. The wort was as clear as you can get after recirculating for 60 minutes during the msah.
Fly sparged achieving a mash efficiency of 72.5%. Lautered for 90 minutes
240L of clear wort into the kettle at 1.044
Boiled off 12.5L in the kettle over 60 minutes for a 5.3% boil off rate. This used 4.5kg LPG at 25psi
Whirlpooled 10 minutes using the Chugger MAX pump on 240V 50Hz leaving a perfect trub cone.
225L wort into fermenters @ 1.048


Pictures From The Brewday




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