Brewery Mechanical Design – 200L Brewhouse

Brewery Mechanical Design

The brewery mechanical design is completed once we have finalised the process design. The mechanical design is broken up into parameter specification, 3D concept drawing, fabrication drawings and assembly.

List The Key Parameters

Set the layout to achieve what we want after identifying the key parameters:

  • Hard piped process lines that drain to the lowest point
  • Mash tun and kettle heights to allow gravity lauter to the kettle and eliminate the requirement for a grant.
  • All valves to be easy to access
  • Mash tun and kettle heights to allow easy manual cleaning with a pressure washer
  • Portable skid mounted design
  • IP rated to allow hose down cleaning. This required stainless electrical conduits
  • Easy access HMI control panel

3D Concept Drawing

With all that in mind I came up with a conceptual 3D model in AutoCAD as follows.


Fabrication Drawings

Once I was happy with the layout a set of general arrangement drawings was produced. These drawings are then used to fabricate the brewery. A sample of one of these drawings is shown below of the mash tun.

Brewery Mash Tun GA Drawing

Brewery Mash Tun GA Drawing


If the steps above have been carried out well then the final product hopefully replicates the original 3D conceptual drawing!

Fabrication Progress Photos

Brew Kettle Fabrication

Brew Kettle Fabrication


2HL Brewery Mechanical Progress 1

2HL Brewery Mechanical Progress 1


The Final Product

Pretty close to the original 3D concept drawing if you ask me!

2HL Nano Brewery - Project Brewing Company

Completed brewery


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