Frequently Asked Questions

A summary of answers to many common questions that we gar are outlined below:

Do you fill home brew or corny kegs?

Yes we do. You need to bring in a clean and ideally sanitised keg. We will purge the keg 3 times with CO2 to remove oxygen and then counter pressure fill.

Filling a keg can take up to 30 minutes in some cases so generally we ask that you drop the keg off and come pick up the following day. Alternatively, if we are not busy and can fill it on the spot feel free to kick back with a beer and wait. Please call or Facebook message if it is critical to have your keg filled on the spot and we will advise if it is possible at the time.

We can fill your keg with any beer we have on tap at the time. General cost is $135 inc GST for core range beers below 6% ABV. Higher ABV beers including IPA’s cost approx. $170 inc GST for a 19L keg fill however best to check at the time as it is beer dependent.

Can we book a function at the brewery?

Yes, we can assist with function or large group bookings. Email Caitlin for a copy of our general function booking information. We can assist with catering, music and even decorations. We commonly book engagement parties, baby showers, birthdays and even a couple of weddings!

Do I need to book to come to the brewery?

No, if you are coming with a large group it is advised however for groups less than about 10 there is usually no need to book. Of course you can always book if you want to 100% secure a spot.

The best options for booking are to send us a Facebook message or call Caitlin. Our Instagram accounts and emails are monitored less often.

Do you only sell beer?

No, we try to cater for all by offering a wide range of beer, gin and vodka that we produce on site. We also have a wide variety of basic spirits, cocktails, 10 different wines, alcohol free beer, soft drink and slushies available for ordering.

Do we serve food?

We don’t have our own kitchen as yet however we do have an arrangement with the Burgerchiefs food truck to be on site at the brewery every day that we are open. Burgerchiefs serve burgers, fries, pizzas and quite often have one off specials as well. Look them up at:

Do we sell 50L kegs of beer?

Yes we can sell you a keg of our beer in a 50L keg. We use ‘A’ Type couplers. Costs start from around $308 inc GST for a core range beer less than 6% abv.

Have you got live music this week?

Generally we try to support local artists and book them in Friday nights and Sunday afternoons. Check our Facebook or Instagram pages to see what we have booked in any particular week.

Do you sell beer for takeaway?

Yes we package our beer into cans for takeaway. We also sell our range of gin and vodka in 200mL and 700ml bottles for takeaway.

Can we buy your beer anywhere other than the brewery?

At the moment not really, our products are only available at the brewery. We do supply a very limited number of local restaurants and sporting clubs however in future we will look to supply local bars and bottle shops.

Can we do a tasting session?

We are working on a format for beer, gin and whisky guided tasting sessions in the future. At the moment we offer tasting paddles of 4 items of your choosing. We have tasting paddles of beer and gin currently.

What types of beer do you produce?

Check our website for a current menu however it does change often. We generally have 3 core beers and 10 or so ever changing beer taps. We brew anything from pale ale, lager, porter, stout, sours, hefeweizen, the list goes on and on. Were sure to have something for everyone.

Are you dog friendly?

Yes we are as long as your dog is well behaved and on a lead. What better destination for your weekend walk 😉

How can I make contact if I want to know more?

If we haven’t answered your questions above and you want to get in touch, the best methods are to send a Facebook message or call/email Caitlin?

0408 392 226

Caitlin @