The Fermenters Have Arrived!

The Fermenters Have Arrived!

Well after five months of back and forth with the supplier in China, waiting for fabrication to complete and then waiting for the slow boat from China, my fermenters have arrived! Quite exciting as part of me wasn’t sure they would as I have never imported anything before.

They were delivered a couple of weeks ago, however I have only just had a chance to climb inside to inspect. I’m often inspecting silos for QA at work and was pleasantly surprised when inspecting these fermenters. The main welds are ok and polished adequately which I was worried about sight unseen. There are some basic welding flaws on the nozzles that should be easy to rectify. Most nozzles have a lack of weld penetration to varying degrees and one weld on each fermenter outlet appears not to be purged. All easy fixes with a day or two’s work.

I picked up 2x250L fermenters as well as 2 x 750L. I really only wanted the 250’s however the shipping wasn’t much more to add the 750’s as I was already bringing in a 20ft container for myself.

All up a shade under $20k for the four fermenters delivered to the port in Melbourne. A vindicated risk I think given the massive cost savings. I will detail my learning’s from this experience in a future post.

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