We're Braden & Caitlin and we are a husband & wife team who opened the brewery we wished we lived close to!
Our brewery started as more of a project we wanted to "have a go at" and has grown into the amazing space it is today. 
We have five amazing children and both manage to continue working our 'day' jobs; Braden as an engineering manager and Caitlin as a midwife.
We first opened our doors in June 2019 and despite lengthy covid lockdowns through 2020 & 2021, we have worked hard to keep our dream alive. 
We are excited to share the recent addition of our gin and whisky distillery under our 'Nocturnal Spirit' brand and can't wait for you to try the spirits we have created.
See you @ Project!

Project Brewery Caitlin and Braden

  • Single Malt Whiskey

    Batch 1 sold out in record time and we expect Batch 2 and 3 to do the same.

  • Barrel Aged Gin

    Another experimental batch, this time ageing gin in an oak barrel. We have taken a twenty litre port barrel that has previously aged single-malt whisky and added our Orange Spice gin for six months. This Barrel Aged gin brings aromas of orange, vanilla and spice as well as flavours of vanilla and port extracted during the barrel ageing process.

  • 'Lil Ripper Vodka

    Vodka infused with one of our favourite childhood lollies; the Red Ripper (formerly Redskins). This candy red vodka has an abundance of Red Ripperz in each batch.