Nocturnal Spirit


Welcome to 'Nocturnal Spirit'; the distillery arm of Project Brewing. 

We commenced production of one-off batches of whiskey, gin and vodka in 2020 and now boast an impressive range of core gins and vodkas.

In late 2022 we released our first ever barrel of single malt whiskey. With 200ml and 500ml bottles available for purchase.

Drop in for a sample or to pick up some takeaway bottles.


  • Single Malt Whiskey

    Batch 1 sold out in record time and we expect Batch 2 and 3 to do the same.

  • Barrel Aged Gin

    Another experimental batch, this time ageing gin in an oak barrel. We have taken a twenty litre port barrel that has previously aged single-malt whisky and added our Orange Spice gin for six months. This Barrel Aged gin brings aromas of orange, vanilla and spice as well as flavours of vanilla and port extracted during the barrel ageing process.

  • 'Lil Ripper Vodka

    Vodka infused with one of our favourite childhood lollies; the Red Ripper (formerly Redskins). This candy red vodka has an abundance of Red Ripperz in each batch.